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Lean Six Sigma Businesses-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Memphis

Unlike what most people believe, the Lean Six Sigma Industry has gained popularity in the USA recently. Instead, you should know it started right in the country back in the 80s when the American companies and industries needed to improve their processes to compete with the Japanese industries and their customer satisfaction and waste reduction methodology, Kaizen. At Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Memphis High School Students of Tennessee, we have seen it evolve, and we understand every part of the methodology and what you should know about it.

Thus, if you are unsure of what to do or how to use the method to benefit your business and daily life, it is common to look at the current industry and how it can help you achieve the desired results that are around continuous improvement and, for individuals, career advantage is one of the main benefits.

As mentioned earlier briefly, its roots are in the USA and what we must add is the fact that it comes from the combination of Lean and Six Sigma and how it continues to add even more value with its own principles.

Some of the principles come from the Japanese methodology, Kaizen, which focuses on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. At the same time, other methodologies from the same country also came to influence some of the goals. Thanks to them, LSS has been a tremendous help to America’s manufacturing and industries.

Six Sigma and Lean are the focus most people miss when understanding the industry. These two methods combined helped focus on performance and increase satisfaction. Because it is universally applicable and can be used by everyone, as long as the training is done correctly, it is extremely popular today. The reason lies in how it has been adapted to education mainly.

Lean Six Sigma can help reduce wasteful activities. Individuals and practitioners need to adapt its principles and structure to their industries to achieve the desired results. 

The key to simplifying the process is to reduce the number of steps while focusing on the most important. This will increase performance, even if one person is doing the task or project.

It doesn’t have to be too hard to understand how this methodology and industry works or has grown in the past few years. It is only a matter of taking the time to look closely.

How Is Lean Six Sigma in the USA?

First, let’s understand Lean. As an individual approach, it saw its peak since the beginning of industrialization and helps improve all processes by reducing waste and focusing on the essentials.

Since then, businesses have used Lean principles to increase productivity, meet customer demands, and improve their bottom lines.

Six Sigma, also known for continuous improvement and waste reduction, was the second method that made LSS possible. It contributes by bringing the DMAIC structure that aims to define all problems, measure processes and data, analyze them, improve, and finally control each element identified.

Six Sigma allows for better manufacturing, but it can also be used to improve each part of a cycle and project, which is why students and professionals find it useful for their own activities instead of only seeing the commercial aspect of it.

Then, we have Lean Six Sigma and how the best of both methodologies was put together while still adding new values. In this way, the LSS industry started to grow in the 80s.

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Where Is Lean Six Sigma Used in the USA?

Its main use lies in manufacturing, based on its history, and it remained there even during the 90s. However, in recent years, education, healthcare, finance, and similar industries, have found LSS useful due to how they can work around improvement and offer better options to those involved in each of them.

In education, high schools, professors, educators, colleges, and students are able to acquire useful tools that give them career advantages and boost their personal growth while still providing a better system for the entire institution if implemented correctly.

It is a matter of adjusting everything and ensuring the structure and entire methodologies are used properly.

Requesting Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Memphis can help you regardless of your industry or if you are a student and professional seeking help to add this valuable resource to your expertise and curriculum.

We will guide you through the process and provide detailed explanations of all terms and the LSS method. Send us an email or call us for more information.